The solution that leverages student effort to produce school funding

Pledger Schools Students

Students from schools get on the Zuriel platforms and solve problems



the virtual currency, is earned by solving problems

Zurrency Trade

Zurrency can be traded for gift cards for Amazon , local businesses


Teacher-assigned Homework assignments

Question Bank

Teachers contribute to the Zuriel question bank.


Lists of job openings


Rank students relative to their friends


As of now, Zuriel is being developed by the Zuriel team at Cesion Software LLC. Development is split into two main fields: technical and organizational. The technical side mainly involves development of the website and server, while organizational development focuses on community talks and the establishment of infrastructure for the project. Aside from development, the Zuriel concept and team won first place at the Kintone Social Impact Challenge, in which they competed against dozens of other startups and organizations to pitch the most effective and socially impactful product idea.


Consistent Funding

Open Communication

Contractual Partnerships

Learning Focus

Dynamic Allocation

Constant Improvement

Financial Transparency

Regular Audits

Comprehensive Reports