The solution that leverages student effort to obtain school funding

Pledger Schools Students

Our dream is to create an ecosystem for communities to fund their own schools, thus closing the education gap.



Zurrency is the virtual currency that is earned by solving problems. it can be traded in for prizes.

Local Funding

Small businesses donate to public schools in their district, and these donations are unlocked by students completeing homework on Zuriel


Teachers can assign homework to students on Zuriel, which they can complete to earn their school's funding


Donating Businesses can post jobs for students to apply to

Our Mission

A big problem that impacts our schools is underfunding. This problem has 3 main impacts. The First is a lack of student motivation. Students in America are less motivated than ever. In fact, 7000 students drop out of school every day; that’s 1.2 million a year. That is an immense amount of brain power that is not reaching the high-level workforce of America. Secondly, teachers are less motivated to teach to their fullest potential due to low salaries. To make matters worse, teachers must use a part of their already low salaries to pay for writing supplies and other classroom essentials. In 1996, the average teacher earned 1.8% less than a similarly educated non-teacher. Now, that gap is 17%. This means that many highly educated people will not want to be teachers. The final impact is the lack of school resources. In neighborhoods, many schools cannot afford technology, tissues, or even textbooks. This leads to teachers having to pay for the students’ learning, multiplying the negative effect of under-funding. This problem won’t solve itself.


Consistent Funding

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